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Natural Gas Rate Update - Residential - Illinois - Liberty

Illinois Natural Gas Rate Request Information

On December 20, 2023, Liberty submitted a request with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) to adjust natural gas base rates. The ICC has assigned the matter Docket Number 24-0043.

The last base rate update for Illinois natural gas customers was effective in June 2017. Customers also saw a bill decrease in March 2018, due to an income tax decrease (ICC Docket Number 18-0197). Over the last six years, Liberty has invested approximately $34 million in Illinois to support initiatives that benefit its natural gas customers, strengthening the reliability and resiliency of its system.

If approved by regulators, the rate adjustment for Liberty’s investments would cost the average Liberty Illinois residential gas customer approximately $15.82 per month, or 18.4% of the total bill, based on approximately 60 Ccf of usage per month.

The rate request process can take up to 11 months as the ICC and other stakeholders carefully review Liberty’s request. If approved, new rates would go into effect in December 2024.


Key investments to benefit customers included in the rate update request:

Since the last base rate adjustment in 2017, Liberty has made critical Investments in the natural gas distribution system to ensure the ongoing delivery of safe, reliable energy for its customers. This includes:

  • Updating and replacing aged pipeline infrastructure with modern polyethylene. Polyethylene piping is lighter and more durable than its steel counterparts and able to withstand high pressures and temperatures. The new infrastructure is easier and faster to locate during an emergency and less susceptible to leaks.
  • Installing and implementing Automated Meter Reading (AMR) to allow Liberty to read meters without having to access a customer’s property. This technology improves service and operational efficiency. It allows Liberty to gather meter readings safely and efficiently, plus it helps to reduce the need to estimate meter readings.
  • Improving the customer experience through modern service platforms. Customers now have access to a new online account platform that includes a mobile app, making their service simpler and more convenient. Customers can choose to view bills, make payments, monitor their usage, and receive text and email alerts about payments and services.
  • Installing compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations at Liberty service center locations in Harrisburg, Girard, and Vandalia. Using CNG helps Liberty reduce fuel costs for its vehicles over time - savings that can be passed on to customers through lower operating costs, It's also a cleaner burning fuel, which reduces pollution, helping to protect the environment through cleaner air.
  • Relocating our Metropolis service center to a larger, safer, and more modern facility. The new service center provides needed space for adequate storage for equipment and materials and allows Liberty to consolidate and streamline business processes in a more secure and accessible location for our employees.



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At a Glance

  • Approximately 21,242 natural gas customers served.
  • Last rate update was effective in June 2017, more than six years ago.
  • Approximately $34 million invested since 2017. This includes:
    • Updating and replacing aged pipeline infrastructure with modern polyethylene
    • Installing new meter technology to improve service and operational efficiency
    • Launching a new account platform, making service simpler and more convenient
    • Installing CNG filling stations at some Liberty service center locations to reduce operating costs
    • Streamlining services and helping to keep our employees and facilities secure with a new service center in Metropolis
  • If approved by regulators, the average residential natural gas customer, using approximately 60 Ccf of natural gas per month, would see an increase of $15.82.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A rate request is a public regulatory review process in which a utility must demonstrate to its state public service commission why a proposed change in rates is needed. This independent public process helps ensure transparency and fair rates based on the costs to serve customers.

  • Liberty is required to provide its natural gas customers with safe and reliable service at rates approved by the public service commission of each state it serves. In exchange, the utility is allowed the opportunity (not a guarantee) to earn a fair return for investors. Even though our regulators will ultimately determine any changes to customer rates, we pledge to do our part to keep rates as reasonable as possible.

  • First, Liberty must demonstrate to state utility regulators why a rate change is needed. The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) and other interested stakeholders review our filings and vet the company's request. The ICC then thoroughly reviews our request and holds public hearings to allow customers to comment. This process could take up to 11 months.

  • Liberty offers programs to encourage energy efficiency and assist our limited-income customers. Liberty also provides flexible payment options to customers who may be experiencing financial hardship.

  • Liberty offers assistance programs and flexible payment options, including a payment arrangement program for residential and business customers to allow for additional time to spread out past due balances and make payments more manageable. Customers can learn more about our assistance options here

    Liberty has a list of various agencies that may be able to provide financial assistance for some portion of the utility bill. This list is available here, or customers can call our Customer Care team at 1-855-872-3242.

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Illinois Natural Gas Rate Update